Benet Haller, City of Chicago

Haller is the Principal Adviser of the City of Chicago's Department of Urban Design and Planning. He reviews individual development proposals in light of maximizing their potential public benefits and long term sustainability. This means understanding how each site may enhance the existing built environment and support a less energy intensive lifestyle. He works on planning studies to establish a larger vision for how Chicago can maximize its existing assets and create new systems.

Brent Brown, AIA, LEED AP 

Brent A. Brown, AIA, LEED AP is a Dallas architect works daily to balance social, economic, and environmental issues by deploying design to enhance livability for all Dallas’ residents. Through his efforts Dallas is re-visioning how it lives, works and plays. He is the Founding Director of the City of Dallas’ CityDesign Studio stewarding the urban design vision for the city. 

Jeff Bone, AIA, Landon Bone Baker Architects

Jeff Bone was named Principal at Landon Bone Baker Architects in 1999. Jeff and the firm had learned early on that not all clients are the same; developers are well-versed in the design/build processes whereas non-profit community based-organizations are armed with a clear vision but do not always have an architecture vocabulary. Jeff has nurtured the firm’s “grassroots” approach to help nonprofit clients translate their vision. 

AIA Chicago Foundation


Meet the Tiny Homes Competition Jury

Kasey White, Student

White is a student at Kennedy King College in Chicago. She was featured in the 2015 documentary The Homestretch, which followed three homeless young people in Chicago as they work to finish their high school degrees and navigate their futures. She works to advocate for homeless youth and also contributes as a writer for Windy City Times.

Marisa Novara, Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC)

Novara joined MPC as Director in 2011. She directs MPC's housing and community development work, and manages technical assistance and support to communities facing development challenges related to housing, transportation, environment and economic development. Her work directly assists communities to promote revitalization, housing in job-rich areas, sustainable development and conservation, and interjurisdictional and corridor planning.

Sol Flores, La Casa Norte (LCN)

Flores is the founding Executive Director of La Casa Norte. Under her leadership, LCN is reshaping the physical infrastructure of the Humboldt Park neighborhood to foster hope, stable homes, and healthy communities. Sol’s passion and determination to help those in need has built LCN from 2 employees with a $200,000 annual budget to an 80 employee, multi-million dollar organization that betters the lives of homeless families, single parents, victims of domestic violence and abandoned youth.